"best sushi, asian & place for a martini"


Truly Great Cuisine

Osaka's culinary philosophy is fusing together the intricacy of contemporary Japanese cuisine with the essence of thailand. Using innovative food combinations inspired by traditional and modern culinary art, "Osaka undoubtedly provides the most fun, lighthearted entertainment in a restaurant that this area has ever seen." You can find your way to our hibachi area, where our animated, professional chefs will engage you, your friends, your family, or co-workers in a fun atmosphere -- to our sushi / thai dining room, where you can experience a more quiet, intimate, candle lit dinner -- to our unprecedented, diversified bar -- or even sit at our sushi bar and watch our brilliant, visionary sushi chefs prepare your meal.

Weekday Specials | HAPPY HOUR - week days 4:30 - 6PM $8 specialty rolls | Monday Martinis $4 | Tuesday Wells $2|  - Wednesday Wine $3 | Thursday Osaka Specialties & Martinis $4 |